Sesc malossi kit with serie pro dse exhaust carb issues

i am wondering if this setup with my 60mm mazzy crank will work with my 28mm delorto non reed manifold. my 225 pinasco woked great with iit but its alot more hp im putting  and with my limeted buget the carb i have has to stay. should i go with a smaller les powerfull exhaust. 

yeah i havent heard anything on this particular exhaust probably because its fairly new. SIP told me my 28mm carb was to small so idk what im going to do.

how does this pipe compare with the hbomb? i dont wanna ask but i have to

very little feedback on the H bomb and other US pipes over ere to be honest, you may get a better answer on the stellaspeed forum or BBS site.

It will work but you'll have to be careful with the jetting.

its a dellorto roundslide phbh 122 main no airfilter ran with the pinasco 225 for years fine with great plugchops little pinging. what jetting do you suggest as a baseline for the larger porting of the malossi 210

28mm Carb would just need jetting to suit , I have almost always run tuned scoots on upjetted standard carbs. A bigger carb may give you more HP but it will also generate another sale ie cost you more.

If you don't mind spending money and want to scratch out every single available bit of power thgen go with a the SiP advice but expect fual consumption comparable with a F1 jet [;)] and a bigger dent in your bank account as a thank you.