Serie Pro "Taffspeed Replica" for Vespa T5 does not fit as described


I was wondering if there was anyone out there that can help me, because SIP will not return my emails.

In October I bought A Serie Pro Taffspeed replica for Vespa T5. I installed the exhaust on my T5. Went down the street and the front bottom of the exhaust scrapped the ground. I immediately stopped to see what the problem was. I could see where the exhaust was making contact with the road. I then checked how I mounted the exhaust to make sure it was properly installed and it was. This was only my first concern next I tried to fit my spare, only to find that it would be impossible.

So my question is has anyone else purchased this exhaust? Did it fit well? Did i do something wrong or did I get a exhaust that was made incorrectly?

I did contact Jim Lomas about the exhaust, which he told me that it was not his design and that he made them for SIP per their spec. He suggested I contact SIP again which I did. I also wanted to try here as well.



Did you have any look getting this sorted out I fitted my sp taffy yesterday and it does hang low doest touch the road but deffo hangs lower than any other exhaust ive had fitted. What side stand did u fit as the one I got rubs on the exhaust. Not had chance to take her out yet but sounds really crisp when started.