Sent the correct article?

Hi, I’m Corrado Menato from PADOVA, Italy. Today I received my „Racing
Exhaust Performance“ SIP PX 80-150, Stainless Steel, w/ CARBON muffler.

My partner (as I can see on the parcel) is BENNY.

I want to know if you sent my the correct article, because i have
problems with this Exhaust: it seems not to fit properly on my Vespa
PX125 (year of production of my Vespa: 1982).

Because of the high costs of international phone calls, I hope to have
an answer here in the FORUM, if I put this message in the correct zone
of the forum.

Thank you very much for your help,

Corrado Menato

PS - if you need more information, such as my CLIENT NUMBER or other
things, I think we can use this conversation in the forum; if not, let
me an e-mail address I can use to write to you in a more private way
and a personal number to understand who I am and why do I write. Thank
you again.

Thank you very much, Ralf! Here I explain WHY I’ve had those problems!

After 4 hours of hard work (with my termometer at 34° C because the
sommer in Italy is always very hot) and lot of cigarettes, i finally
put my Exhaust on! It was the correct article, it has just been
necessary to work a bit on the jointpipe: it was not in the correct
position after the shipping, because of some vibrations during the trip
I think. But it hasn’t been a so hard problem, it has just taken lot of
time to UNDERSTAND this!

Thank you very much SIP!!! In the next days I’ll configure my PHBH28 and then I hope I’ll find some time to write a report! I’m sure it’ll be a FANTASTIC experience to test (and then use!) this wonderful HAND MADE Exhaust… Here in Italy „SIP Performance“ means quality and speed! It’s a dream for a lot of young „vespisti“…

Corrado Menato

Hi Corrado,

you write that you have problems to fit the exhaust. Can you please explain better where you have a problem?