Seats for Mk1 T5 shape

I want to ask, does anybody know if you can get replacement seats for T5 Mk1 shape vespas, I know you used to be able to get Yankee/Pole Position style but I cant find one any where. I would prefer an Ancillotti or Super Corsa style but a Yankee would do. I have an LML Select II T5 Mk1 shape, I know Scooter Center in Germany do a copy of the standard one but without the riders backrest (I dont think I could get the stock one recovered cos of the stupid riders backrest) but it is the same lard arse size as the standard one. I just want one with a better look & a bit of shape to it. Thanks for any advice you can offer.[?[]

Just rememberd, I think two wheeled enginering were selling a white one in scootering a few monthes back,might be worth asking?
good luck

Beerace good luck with your wedding & operation. Thanks for the stock seat & good luck with your future plans, hope to trade again in the future, anytime you are in my neck of the woods pop in, I can show you a good shortcut to the Dorset Steam Fair, about a mile from my place.

Slidingdog, it looks just the thing let me know what you want on; [email protected]. I got a standard one (thanks Beerace) but it is too good to cut up so I will mothball it as a spare as they are getting hard to find, my scooter is nearly brand new & I never plan on getting rid of her so I expect to go through a few seats (in the words of Homer…" I need two seats…it`s for the twins.")

Thanks BEERACE let me know what you want for your seat, mail me: [email protected].

Thanks Stubbsy, I would like to see how you got it to fit, if you can add some pics or send direct to me.

Tried looking myself, but there isn’t any! the mk1 t5 is longer so the normal yankee/corsa is to short,and as the back is more square most would just look odd!
The only ones I have seen are on ebay and tend to go for high prices.
Have you tried any scoot jumbles?
If stuck,I have a old king and queen seat base for the mk1(I cut the foam so is flatter)needs a cover,lock and a hinge!!!

whats wrong with the new ones they sell at sip??? very slightly shorter but ???

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Thanks slidingdog. Will try T.W.E, if I can`t I may be interested in your base, I will be in touch.

I have a standard T5 seat going begging. Doing up a T5 but due to lack of options of seats, removed flat back end so I can use any PX seat. Its good nick although grab rail needs cleaning up.

i have a mint mk 1 t5 fitted with a px country club seat! yes a px after market seat!!! any px after market seat will do, any one with the old BOLT ON HINDGE on to the seat base ie plastic base, a bit of moddin required excuse the wording but it is easily done! its hard to explain but you need to bend the hindge back on its self so the hindge actually sits out above the helmet holder ie you can see the piano hindge under the fits perfectly. tell ya what give me a day or 2 and will try and get u a few pics,i havnt got a didgie camera so will get a mate to do it and post them for ya

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Slidingdog can you email me please about your king queen seat. I got a good standard one for a spare but still want a tatty one to alter/ reshape. I have an idea to design & get made a batch of sport style seats for mk1 T5`s.

Hi vespadoctor, there is nothing wrong with the SIP ones as a standard looking replacement, I am just looking for something a bit different. I will probably have to get a spare base & have it trimmed & recovered to make it like a super corsa, I like the shape of the super corsa & it fits well with the square back of the T5. I tried a PX supercorsa & it would have been perfect if it was two or three inches longer (oo-er missus, wouldn`t we all like it two or three inches longer) The Indian seat is comfy, but it is a lot bigger than the Italian T5 seat, cos it is meant to carry the whole family. I love the low rider look of the SIP sport seats & would get one if they made one for the T5 shape frame, I have a carbon one for my PX streetracer & it is the dogs.

This might work!">
You can see I cut it quite a bit!