Seat "Corsa" Vespa on a PX

Hi, does anyone of you guys have a Seat „Corsa“ Vespa in PX ??? If you have, could you send me fotos of it to [email protected] ???
It would be great !

best regards,

Mauro AR Vieira


Dear Xp3ra,
we will have the Corsa seats back in stock in the next week hopefuly. Sorry for any delivery problems, normaly we have this item in stock all time.

I’ll not sorry you bastards ! [:shoot2:]
…kidding! [:D] [:D] [:D]

…right now that i’ve broken my old style mono seat on my PX, you are out of stock for this item ???
It now seems like a seat to ride horses … and the whorst is that it break my balls [:shock2:] !

ok … no problem I´ll wait, but please be fast ! tnx


Mauro AR Vieira

They look great - find them under vespa button bar on SIP front page. I’ve had one on order for a few weeks - but they are still awaiting arrival and saying nothing to customers.

Hi Mauro, I’ve got a reproduction Corsa seat on my P range T5 but got no pictures on digital as yet, I love the look of the seat it gives the scooter a racier look but it is a lot harder on the old glutous maximus(arse) and not therefore ideal for long distance scooting. I bought mine from Scooter-center also in Germany at a reasonable price this time last year.

OK … thanks for the tip !


Oh yes ! …by the way I just called to the SIP headquarter today and they said to me that in the beggining of next mounth they gonna have it back in stock!

cheers man …

[:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:]

Mauro AR Vieira