Searching VM or VN original documents


First of all I’m sorry, I can’t write German (but I do speak German).
I recently bought a Vespa VN2t without any documents and without a serialnumber. In Belgium (where I live) it is necessary to have these original documents (no copies!!!) to get a licenseplate and insurance.

If anyone has original documents from a VM or VN, please let me know. I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for it.


Pieter [email protected]

On a VN2t the serialnumber is behind the glovebox under the seat, but it has been ‚scraped‘ away. I can only see a little bit of a V, N and a little bit of the 2. The rest of the number is gone, except for some details ( a bit of a 5 and 0, I think). But that is not important. The only thing I need is original documents from a VM or VN, then I could use that number and press a new number in the metal. It’s not very legal, but it’s the only solution.


I think that you get here more help. Look for „Oldtimer“ and write the same question. There are great experts.

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Hi Pjetrol!
Are you shure that there is no serial number? Normaly it´s under the left side part of the scooter.
If you have this number, you can order from PIAGGIO the important documents. You have to contact PIAGGIO directly. Possible than Belgium has an own branch.
If you know the complete number, you can look here for the details of the scooter.
Here are some more information about the whole model.

I hope i could help you [;)]

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Das wird schon [:P]