The flywheel side of the engine casing on my px125 had a bang below the gear box where the engine through bolt goes, which damaged the mating surface slightly. Since then I have had a slow oil leak from the gearbox area. Can anybody recommend a heavy duty sealant compound to put on with a new gasket which would seal it.

Also, do SIP have any second hand T5 motors to sell? If so, how much are they?

Cheers [:drink:] Ed.(N.Ireland)

![:)] Thanks for the advice. I might try the Wurth sealant.

Are the 2nd hand T5 motors SIP keep available with autolube and also electric start? Are these motors of reasonable condition or do they require overhaul? My scooter is a PX `98. Can I simply slot a T5 engine in, connect hoses and cables and ride (presuming they come with standard T5 carb and exhaust? Or do I need other modifications?

Cheers. Ed.

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Try a liquid sealing like Loctite or Würth.

But check carefully, if you don´t have a damage of the kickstart and the gears to avoid problems.

Normally we have T5 engines in, price 480 ,- €. We will get another delivery the next 3-4 weeks with many, many engines.

Rgds, Alex