Screwed over ,dellorto fule pump set up

ok after much money and time looks like i have been screwed over. firstly the set up i have. malossi 211 sesc racing cylinder with reworked head.sip 11006000, MBD reed block ,tassinari 3 reed , 30mm dellorto phbh with power get , vespa tronic, dellorto fuel pump, t5 fourth, malossi boost bottle, pm evo pipe ,all new cases ,bearings ,seals ,etc . banded clutch cosa, Any way .can you help. A, with the fuel pump set up. ok if i am correct it goes as follows. from the pump to the inlet of the carb, from the outlet of the carb past a restrictor valve back to the fuel tank. And not in a loop back to the fuel line ,thus causing back pressure when the tank is low on gas and not allowing fuel to the carb and putting a hole in my piston. And to add to my pain when i take the head and barrel off the cases have not even been matched to my new kit. As paid for, However prior to this it was put on the dyno and produced 21.9 odd bhp. with what i was told was a fully ported motor ,Q 2, how much power have i lost due to this, Q3, Has any one got some pics of a jl rz right hand pipe fitted so i can see how it looks fitted. cheers in advance . fat boy....[8-)]

Have never used a fuel pump so am not 100% sure on that BUT I can say that matching the barrel and casings is an absolute MUST DO if you want to get the most out of the kit - I am surprised with your Dyno figures on unmatched casings. Who dyno'd it, the peole that built it or someone else ??

no it was set up by an other guy .who is very well known and respected within the uk scooter scene.