i have a standard px200 brand new and just run in, i have a new scorpion exhaust ready to put on and need some advice on what the best settings on the carb jets and timings and anything else i need to knowas i am a bit new to the tuning side of scootering.
cheers for any help
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Thanks mikemuzzer, my mates got a px200 and and he has a 125 jet in his which he also drilled a 5mm hole in his airfilter just above the main jet , but alas it nipped up on him the other day and i dont want the same happening to me as i am of to the isle of wight in august, so i wanna get it sorted properly.

Your P2 will have a 116 main jet in the carb. Buy a 118 & a 120. Stick the exhaust on ands give it a good run on the 120. Check plug colour to see if you can get away with a 118. You could start messing around with emulsion tubes and air screws but that shouldn’t be necessary on a standard. Consider an alternative spark plug depending on what type of journeys you will be making

You’ll see one spring fits to the flywheel cover via a bracket . The 2nd spring goes on the little bar bracing the 1st and 2nd cooling fins on the underside of the barrel.

it shows you how to fit a sip pipe which is nearly identical.

I have a sip pipe on me P2 and i run a 120 mainjet with no ther mods - goes great

i know of at least 3 other lads all runnin 118 -122 with no probsn no holed pistons, no pinking n nice choccy brown plugs. ok so the gasses get through quicker but just how much the effects are overall on the engine are negligible. Them stainless pipes don’t dissipate the heat aswell as good old steel though

AN OLD P2 (NON OIL INJ) IS A 116 MAIN STANDARD, TRY A 118 AS I AM DOING, PX200 WITH OIL MIX IS A 118 STANDARD MAIN! USE A 120 122 WIYH PIPE, also throw a b9 plug in as well[:D]

can you explain why my malossi 210 is running a 120 main jet in the 26mm carb? it has a t5 4th gear and a taffspeed goldline pipe.
cut crank and fully ported casings. this scoot was dynoed and the 120 is a safe setting, still so rich that i dropped back to a 116 for the warm weather. by the way it has no air hose, there is a ram air filter fitted to the airbox instead.[:dance2:]