Scorpion + sip pipe

Hi is the scorpion pipe the same as the SIP pipe[:dance1:] [:smokin:]

I’ve fitted the sip pipe to my brothers px200 (1996,N-reg) with no probs and it looks and sounds fantastic. Performance is definately up on standard (no shit…) but I’ve only gone from the standard 116 jet to a 118, apparently 122 jet size is the way to go so I’ll have my order in soon.

I’ve seen the Scorpion pipe fitted to a px200 and would say it looks almost identical except the end can. On the Scorpion the can was angled downwards and looks close to the ground. On closer inspection the bottom edge of the end can had hit the ground a few times and was beginning to flatten off.

I’m not sure of the difference in performance but my experience with the sip pipe and the boys at sip when I ordered it will convince me to get one for my new px200 when the funds become available…(along with a 122 jet).

Hope this helps,

Cheers Gav. [:bounce:]

I agree with that, the SIP Performance Pipe rules!