Scorpion pipe leaking on t5

Hi i have T5 with scorpion pipe cant stop the pipe from leaking at the joint where it bolts on to the barrel tryed exhaust paste ok for few days the starts to leak any ideas thanks Gary

I read somewhere that they use the spring system so that it doesn’t put undue strain on the exhaust stub on alloy barrels, causing the stub to snap off.

I’ve used high temperature red rtv silicon sealant to seal up my pk, it worked a treat. Let it go off properly (24hrs) or you will blow through it.


hello gaz7,

I know what are you talking about. But it is not just the Scorpion having this problem. All the JL, SIP, and RZ that uses the way tio fit to the cylinder suffer from the same problem. I have never understood why they don’t do something better.
The only way is to modify the pipe and to fit an exhaust clamp, or if you have a spare Piaggio exhaust cut the pipe end and make a solder transplant to the Scorpion.

All T5 have bolt on fixings. Try using some silicon sealent around the joint. Normal window fixing sealent is fine.

Do you use a gasket?