Scorpion exhaust

any of you tried this pipe yet,what are your thoughts,isnt it the same as sips,jim lomas etc,whats the best on std px 200-pm,s,scorpion or sip-cheers ,camel

i have a scorpian exhaust fitted to my kitted px200 ,and i think they are a good piece of kit,accelleration is very rapid especially in 2-3 gears and you can use a spare wheel with them.i got mine through my local dealer midland scooter center[]ask for woody top bloke and tuning wiz.[:dance1:]


the Scorpion exhaust is the same like the SIP one. This exhaust is very powerfull on a standard P200 and with the stainless steel version you won`t have any problems with rust!

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can u still use a spare wheel with the sip/scorpion?and does the carb require any adjustments,how much is the sips? cheers CAMEL

Ive just converted my Indian made P150 Clone (LML NVSPL) to a PX200 with FULL Malossi kit (210cc with Malossi Reed valves, 30mm Carb, Sito plus exhaust - lack of dosh) and am seriously looking for a decent exhaust ... being a true blue Kiwi we dont have much available here apart from import stuff to Scooter ONLY shops - Scorpion exhausts ARE imported thru the bigger bike shops though so my question is … what details do you have on the Scorpion exhaust? - part number, cost, etc? Any help you can offer is most appreciated … also, what Carb set-up is recommended with the Scorpion pipe?