Scorpion exhaust for T5

Does anyone know if the Scorpion exhaust is worth fitting to a standard T5 and will there be any noticable change in performance?
I have called a lot of shops in the UK and some shops don’t rate them as they are difficult to fit and you cant fit a spare wheel.
I would like to fit a stainless pipe as the standard pipe is rusty as hell.
Can you still have a wheel cover with the exhaust or is there not enough clearance.
Will I need to adjust the jetting or anything else?
Until I feel confident it is worth the money I will order ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

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Dyno test on scorpio on stock PX. I have one on a PX150 & reckon it is similar to the dyno below

I’ve just fitted one to my P2 without too much trouble, I also put the spare wheel back on by just putting a spacer onto the bottom bolt hole and a wheel cover. Not sure what you’ll get performance wise, they seem to need the high revs so in theory should give you extra top end.Jetting, just try it and adjust the main jet upwards to suit, maybe the next size up will do.

SIP offers 2 different versions of their SIP Performance exhausts for the T5 now, one for high torque (long version) and one for high revs (short version). This is the best solution as you can have THE exhaust you want - for touring or for quarter mile. [mark=red]They both fit with wide rear tyre[/mark]. [:)]