ScootRS Stainless Exhaust

Has anyone ever compared this exhaust to any other? Are they any good?

I have read the posts about stainless v. mild steel, but would still go for stainless for aesthetic reasons - they look nice, no maintenance.


I’m told they’re good for the money but I have no first hand experiance of them.

i also have a none stainless on a p2. they are well worth the money.look good,sound brilliant (like the scorpion) performance is 2nd to none. dont get me wrong its not a pm but for the same price as a cheap as chips crap chrome simmo[:D] [:D] by the way you can fit a spare wheel with this pipe [:D] although the web site says you cant;D im not a fan of the stainless pipe after the non stop problems with scorpion [:angry:]

Thanks for replies, thought there was some sort of elitist ScootRS snub.[:D]

So am I right stating - best performance is achieved with a mild steel pipe painted black?

If so what is the best type/brand of heat resistant paint?


spare wheel fitted on p2 motor with scoot rs, it is well spaced and just misses the panel by a hair. but as you can see ,can be done.wheel trim can also be fitted. unlike the pm on a t5 motor[:@] [:@] [:@] [:@]


Ive just received my (non stainless) pipe from ScootRS for my 177 super - its really good quality and cheap too when compared to the PM/taffspeed and SIP pipes.

The powerband and the sound they make is awesome!

Obviously if you’ve got the money i would probably go for the pipes that have a good reputation such as PM etc but if your looking for a cheaper alternative then this is definately worth considering