Scooter Rage 24

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Chris Lundstrom (President) writes:



Dear Sylvia,

Greetings from Secret Society Scooter Club of San Francisco!  We wanted to write to thank you for your recent support of Scooter Rage 24, which took place this past June in San Francisco.

As you may know, Secret Society Scooter Club is the oldest continuously active scooter club in the United States.  For over 25 years we have supported the scooter community by fostering the culture we share with other vintage scooter owners/riders.  While “Mod” may have started as a subculture in the late 1950’s, many aspects of it continue today through the efforts of our club, and other vintage scooter clubs around the country.

Each year for the past 24 years, the San Francisco chapter of Secret Society Scooter Club has hosted “Scooter Rage”, a weekend long rally which attracts both vintage and modern scooter riders from around the state of California and often from other parts of the country as well.  Literally hundreds of scooterists attend the event throughout the course of the weekend.  It’s quite a sight to see a hundred or more vintage scooters snaking their way down Lombard Street in the middle of a Saturday afternoon!  We host rides, games, bands, DJ’s and BBQ’s throughout the weekend.  We top it all off with a raffle as the final part of the event, which usually draws the largest attendance and features a fully restored vintage scooter as the grand prize each year!

It is the raffle where we have the opportunity to verbally thank sponsors like you who have so generously donated and it is the raffle where we distribute the various gifts that our sponsors have so graciously provided us.  Thank you for the T-Shirts and Merchandise Kits!

We have included some photos of the event so that you can see first hand exactly what you are supporting by sponsoring this event.  We have also posted your logo on the splash page of our website to further let everyone know about the sponsors who have supported us so that they can support you in return.

Don’t forget, next June marks the big 25th Anniversary of Scooter Rage! 

Once again we thank you again for your support and we hope that we can look forward to your continued support in years to come.