Scoot cutting out


I fitted a DR 177 kit on a VBB150. A PX200 air filter, SI 24 carb, with SIP road exhaust came with the kit (part no.10105000). Also fitted with e-ignition kit part no.50015000. The bike fires up easily but is cutting out when driven a very short distance, but will run ok when the air filter is removed. The air mixture screw is set at around 1.5 to 2 turns out. Can you suggest reasons for this? Also should the air mixture setting be adjusted?? Any help would be appreciated.



Hi! 1. Have a look to your choke - maybe its open just a littel bit! Because you fit your scooter with the new cab and the choke wire is maybe too strength ! Try to loose it. 2. Whats about your slow running jet?? Which size?  Regards!

Slow running, is that not the idle 55/160?? Is there one I'm missing?? I don't have the scoot at hand so will have to look again.

Not all at once now please.[:(]


My jetting is 118 main, idle55/160, air connector 160 and choke jet 60. It's fitted with a SIP Road exhaust also.