Scary experience!


today while riding my VBB2 it suddenly stopped. It really stopped as if I had stepped on the brake pedal. I was riding quite fast (60-70 km/h) in 4th gear. My "accident" took place inside a noisy, tunnel. I couldn't really hear the motor running or anything wrong. Luckily I didn't crash. When I had calmed down I started the engine again and drove home slowly, better safe than sorry. Everything seemed normal as if nothing had happened. I haven't been able to figure out what happened, any suggestions? Has anyone been through anything similar.

best regards

Frank, Stockholm

Hi Frankie,

I don't know if your engine is rebuild short time ago , or tuned ? Maybe the wrong jets are placed or not ? In that case , maybe a bigger main jet is neccesairy....

Grts from Belgium,


Thanks for your answer,

I reckon that's kind of the worst thing that could happen, the worst case scenario becoming a reality. Any suggestions on how I should deal with it. I think I'll start off by de-assembling the cylinder and take a look at the piston conrod and crank.



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