Just got the Supplement catalogue and saw the S&S reed manifold. Anybody tried this one? I´m interested in buying on if it´s worth the monnnney…

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Have not tried it yet - but I have bought it!! Working on mounting the parts now. Building a engine with S&S reed, mikuni 35 carburator, malossi from worb (also in the same catalouge), sip performance, liquidcooled head, rear disc break, t5 fourth gear +++
Looking forward to get it finish and drive the damn thing…


i havent tried it myself but i thought id reply as you seemed lonely.wot you putting it on?whats yer existing setup?what performance you looking for?how do they get those little ships into those little bottles?wheres my medication nurse???

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Ooops! Nobody tried it!!??

I just ordered it! Will try it with a longstroke special lip crank, mikuni wm32 carb, sip performance, t5 fourth gear, centered sparkplug head and I will try it with the 1,5 mm headgasket. want some more torque.

Just hope it´s worth the money