S.O.S.....Where is my package?

Hello, I'm Manuel from valencia (Spain)..Sorry for my bad english.

Three weeks ago i've try to buy the item from my basket...I've followed the indications of the webshop and i gave the number of my credit card...The webshop online tell me that when it knew the confirmation abut the cedit card the buy would be completed.

Since that I've had no notice about the buy or the package...It doesn't appears in my user area.

I've sent two times the contact mail waiting for an answer...

My number is  15596300...¿Could I think that it isn´t made?...¿Can i repeat the operation or it's possible two pay it twice find someday in the future repeated item and repeated pay?

Please...tell me something...I need the items to end my PK XL!!!


If I haved known that: 2 weeks ago i was in Alicante/Spain...

I will be there again in March.



Did you allready receive the parcel ??




I've received a mail telling me that the order wasn't completed...So I can order it again...


@nicolas chambon


If you talk about waiting 2 monhts for a goods, you also have to inform the others why you are waiting !


Im 98% shure that you are wating because we dont have your parts all on stock at the moment.



don't worry I ordered 2 months ago ... Pffff

I've received this mail from sip


"Hello Manuel

Thanks again for your order and please excuse us that the articles you wanted were not on hand. We do try to have every article ready to deliver.

The following articles you ordered are now ready for delivery.

Please do reply to this mail IF you still want these parts (or some of them) shipped or if you want to add something to your backorder.
If you DO NOT need these parts any longer, you do not need to do anything! We will cancel the backorder.
We will send out the parts ONLY, if we got a response from you!"









Sip haven't got the complete order I bought......I want to receive ALL the items, not only a part of them....Must I to do something?....Or must I simply wait for the moment when they have ALL the items?...They reserve me the item until the day the order will be completed?


Hi dude !


Give me your customer number and i will check the situation [;)]