S.o.s. for la rocca

Hello, this S.O.S. is for La Rocca.

I'm Manuel (customer number 15596300)...In october '09 I've made an order for some items payi9ng with my credit card.....one of them was a VSP RACE.....In december, I erased the order because the VSP wasn't in stock and I get bored....

Now, the SIP has charged the amount...But I haven't received anything!!!! (I don't answer the mails with the offering of parcial shippments)...

What could I do???...the bank tell me to declare it as wear fraudulent!!!

I've write a mail to the contact....And I'll wait for a week.

Tell me something, please.

Martin, a lot of thanks for your attention.

I've sent you a mail.


Hello Manuel,

It's Martin from SIP. Your order from October 2009 actually never was shipped and there also was no charge from SIP on that order. You ordered through PayPal (not by credit card) and we neither charged any amount to your credit card or your PayPal account (I had that verified by my colleague in charge of the payments). Could you provide any bank statement showing the charge? Please send it to [email protected]

Best regards,


Hi dude


Sorry for the delay, i was in holiday.


Do you sitll resolved your problem ?