S.I.P Exhaust options

Hi there people ;

I have a Mark 1 T5 which is having an engine upgrade to a Polini 170. Standard carb or will possibly be an SI26/26 dellorto, and it will be running S.I.P tubeless rims, (apart from the spare which will be standard Piaggio,) which as I understand it are a little bit wider.

I initially wanted a Taffspeed Goldline, but they've now stopped doing them. I see that there is a JL Taffspeed replica on this website, but that you can only run it with a sidestand.

My Question;

What pipes that S.I.P have to offer can I use on my scooter for which I can carry a spare tyre under the left hand panel, and still use the mainstand. Ideally it would have to be a torquey pipe to suit the Polini.

Thanks ; Mongo.


No answers from anyone as of yet. I'm possibly leaning towards the Serie Pro Pep exhaust with the standard looks. Can I use a mainstand and carry a spare tyre with that pipe and will it suit a Polini set up... ie, give more grunt. C'mon S.I.P tech's give me your expert knowledge. [:D]



Hi, I run a SIP performance exhaust on my PX125 and still use my centre stand. You can still carry a spare if you extend the bolts. Performance wise, it's been great. Don't know with your set up though, but I can't see why not.

Thanks Shagga [:D]