S.I.P exhaust malossi 210

looking for advice on best exhaust for malossi 210 ported running T5 4th gear,cosa clutch(23t) stock carb-upjetted to 128 main main, gas flow crank, currently have on a PM pipe but find the rev band great for torque but not so good at redline rpm, still want to carry a spare tire. any suggestions ?

WSP sold the last taffspeed goldline last week on ebay 


my bike is similar spec to yours. I only have experience of 2 pipes, RZ Revolver, and Taffspeed, both RHS pipes. RZ was nice but I reckon did not let the bike rev on as much as I had hoped, now got Taffspeed on and I love it. Revs on great.

contact WSP (welsh scooter parts) for info on Taffspeed availability.