S.I.P Digital Speedo - Problems?

Has anybody had any problems with the new S.I.P speedo ?

I have a 1977 Rally 200 that has now gone through two new speedos. There is no battery on the scooter which as I understand it, it doesn't need anyway. The symptoms are nearly the same each time. All the wiring was done by a full time scooter mechanic who I would trust implicitly with my life and who is very widely respected in the British scootering scene. He knows his stuff.

Speedo 1 - ran for about 20 miles, then on a long journey I just noticed that it stopped working and wouldn't start again. The speedo and the black box were then sent back to S.I.P for a replacement, which arrived shortly after.

Speedo 2 - didn't last that long. In fact it was fitted and was set up at the mechanics workshop, all the wheel measurements dialed in etc. Ignition turned off, then when we went to start the scooter again the speedo wouldn't work. Did some electric tests on the regulator and checked earth, and even tried attaching a DC current, but nothing.

Starting to get me down now, as the original speedo I replaced worked perfectly fine.

Can anyone cast any light ?

hi , same problem i send  it back to sip end wait for new speedo

Have one

Works perfect for already about 2500km except the temp display doesn't work anymore. Met someone with the same problem.


Hello there, 

did you manage to sort out the problems you had with the speedo ?

I was thinking in buying one but all the things you said hold me from doing it...

I had the same issue with the speedo not indicating, but the rest of the functions were fine.  It turned out to be the inner cable did not extend far enough into the speedo to turn the sensor. I found that pushing the inner cable into the speedometer before tightening the housing kept the cable connected at both the drive pinon at the wheel and the speedometer.  I don't know if shortening the outer cable slilghtly would help keep the inner in place.

For information i never got to use the new speedo again. I just kept the original in. A bit negative I know, but I opted for the tried and tested route. There were obviously a few gremlins that needed ironing out with the two i purchased. I just hope that S.I.P have ironed out the gremlins for customers currently buying them. 

Anche a me non ha piu' funzionato la temperatura. Ho comprato il sensore nuovo ed ha ricominciato a funzionare...

Hey guys!

I'm not certain of the problem your having, but is it possible your thermistor just went bad? They are not all that high in quality and seem to be serviced like an oil drain plug washer when doing an oil change, did you try and replace it? They sell them in 5 packs for pretty inexpensive. Art.No.KO0R15 I think it's around $15 U.S.D. I suppose it's worth a try? Then again it could be a completely different problem?

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P.S. This is for the temperature problem not the innoperative problem