RZ Mark One exhaust system?

This is my first posting on this board.

Anyway, I am thinking about replacing my Taffspeed Goldline Mk4 exhaust. It gives good performance when the engine is allowed to rev high, however it suffers at the low end. I therefore have to drop a gear going up hill into wind.

I should say that I have it fitted on a Malossi 210 motor (non ported casings) with standard carb and gears .

I am still in two minds whether to port the caseings and stick in a T5 fourth.
I feel that if I go to bother of porting it, then I might as well go the whole hog and go liquid colled, reed valve.

Alternatively, I was thinking about a more subtle approach to make the scoot more drivable by fitting an exhaust which gives a greater spread of power throughout the rev range and possibly getting the flywheel lightened.

After looking at the graphs at;


I wish to know if anyone has any knowledge about the RZ Mark One Right Hand exhaust system.

Has anyone fitted one and how good is it?

Any comments, even if it is to call me a c*nt, will be appreciated.



Hi WynderKFrog, my first posting too! A Malossi cylinder will not transfer the mixture to top of the piston a heck of a lot better than a standard cylinder without matching the transfers at the base gasket area, although much improved by transfer through the porting cutouts in the piston itself. Why go to the expense of having that extra transfer port and not utilising it? ( without taking into consideration the heat transfer benefits of the aluminium cylinder.) The RZ is an option. I (and my Malossi) prefer the Taffspeed exhaust, it matches the port timings of the cylinder very well. A thought to bear in mind is that the majority of exhausts/expansions on the market are all descendent of the Taffspeed pipe and they refine theirs as they go to sale. Another point to note is that Taffspeed, SIP,PM, Kegra etc. etc. are batch exhausts and they have to match all p200s from standard to fully ported, 60mm stroked, reedvalve Malossi. What you want is not the same as the next person. I will soon be able rectify this but for legal reasons I cant disclose too much. Dont hold you breath. Because of the port timings on the malossi cylinder the power is delivered further up the rev range with loss of lower end grunt, using a t5 4th gear will help overcome this. Get down to it and do the porting. Youll enjoy it too[:smokin:] [:smokin:]

Thanks Slidingdog,

I feel in my bones that you are right. C*nt!
I suppose I will have to get my hands dirty and order up a T5 4th .

However I do not feel confident enough to do the porting myself.

Can anyone tell me if there is really a noticeable increase in power by getting the engine ported when sticking with a standard autolube carb?


The Frog


p.s. I would still like to here from anyone who has used an RZ Mk1.

Any comments, even if it is to call me a Fuc*in rancid twat, will be appreciated.

match the ports in the casings,its a piece of p#*s and worth it.2nd ditch the standard flywheel and fit the hp4,this usually bridges the gap between 3rd & 4th.most expansion chambers for the p2 hit the power band at 6000rpm.if youre lucky and scream the tits off a p2 in 3rd you drop into 4th at 5200rpm even a malossi kitted one with a standard carb set up will drop in 4th at 5500rpm to 5700rpm.a t5 4th will drop into a higher rev range but will rev out sooner(less top end).a hp4 flywheel takes 1-2 thirds of the hard work off the motor and it bridges the gap quite nicely and it adds 1000rpm to your optimum revs so it gets there and goes and goes and goes up to 9000rpm min.if anyone currently joining in with this wishes to call me a cunt ,tit,dickhead,cocksucker,or donkey raping shit eater please feel free to do so

I’m using the RZ/JL right hand pipe on a malossi setup. Its loud, and the power band is very top end. But once in the power band it is probably the highest power output of any pipe. Must use T5 4th. Although I did use it on a Pinasco 225 twin induction. That pulled std 4th gear. Sounded awesome.

I’d have to agree with slidingdog and BEERACE, do the porting… whats the point in haveing all that potential lovely space in your ports to let it all flow nicely if it just bottle necks and eddies when the demands rise. it’s really not that hard or bigger deal. strip everything down, mark the top of crank case with the base gasket to give you the upper shape, then use the port windows in the spigot to mark the inside of the crank case. use a raspy type bit on a dremmel or drill and get stuck in, the you can use a sanding dit to finish it. you want them to scoop out abit, but keep smooth flow in mind… good luck…

BEERACE… I quote you „I will soon be able rectify this but for legal reasons I cant disclose too much. Dont hold you breath.“ are you implying that you maybe planning to produce an expansion specifically for the mallossi kit’s timings? and then flog it? let us know if you do, I want one for a 166!! i’ve always thought that batch pipes that are made to run on 4 or 5 different kits must be compromising specific performance for a wider market…

Personly I would get it ported to fit the kit might make the kit rev better,if its just fourth gear it wont pull, put a t5 fourth in my cutdown needed it so if full frame would have thought so.
also if any one wants to call me a c*nt, and correct me feel free.
slidingdog ;D

I have tried the malossi 210 on modified/unmodified casings and found no difference when standard exhaust/sito + fitted. Approx 2 seconds quicker to 50/60mph and a touch more top end when fitted with an expansion.

The sito is similar to the standard exhaust in that it will pull 4th without struggle and will give a bit more power than the standard pipe but it will not give the strong top end rush you will get with the taffy pipe.

I have a t5 4th gear and still need to pull 70mph+ before power really comes in strong thats with a scorpion pipe.

It all depends on what you want.

Hope this helps

Mark [:roll:]