Rust in Petrol tank

Hi Guys,

My new acquisition is an old 60s GS and the petrol tank is pretty rusty inside, with bits of debris, rusty walls etc.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to clean it up without having to cut it open? Any type of solvents or solutions you can use to remove the rust?


As already mentioned, throw some nuts bolts and junk into the tank, and shake the living crap out of it. Do this as necessary. Your local radiator shop can boil and seal your tank fairly inexpensively if you want to go that route, or you can pick up some Naval Jelly, which wi’ll chew up just about anything in there. Just so you know, there are some pretty chunky-style tanks out there that run just fine. Good luck with the VSB!

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There are several ways to do it depending on how bad it is.

If it’s not too bad throw a lenght of chain, some big nuts and bolts and anything else solid you may have that will fit in the hole, leave a bit of petrol in there, close the lid tightly and then shake hell out of it. Repeat as necessary.

If it still looks like there are flakey bit’s then either get another one or use a sealant. When I was in the USA we used to use one called „Petseal“ (I think) but you can buy the stuff in other countries too, will probably be called something else though. This total seals out the rust and esentially leaves you with a fiberglass inside to your tank. You need to take the tap out for this though and for that you’ll need the proper tool (they’re cheap though).

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