Running like a bag of

133 polini (casings matched)race crank , 25 mil (95 main jet).
Simonin d+f

This is a fresh engine and it has mediocre accelaration and naff top end.

Anyone runnin or ran a similar setup & got any suggestions or tips ?

I hope its either a shit exhaust , or carb in need of a tweek

Hi Mike,

how do have you setted your ingnition point?
Maybe the ingnition comes to the wrong time.
Do you have the doublemanifold Polini or the standard one?

Maybe a 16° ingnition could help.

She told me she was sixteen.

yep 16 degrees (1.3 mm on the tdc dial guage ) set up perfect . Its deffo a carb or exhaust setup problem. Just keen to hear wot other smallframe heads are using/running.

Mikemuzzer (A565, Liverpool sc.)