Running in VNB5 after rebuild with Pinasco 2-port 177 kit


My VNB5 is being restored/rebuilt.

So the engine has been stripped and rebuilt and a Pinasco 2-port 177cc kit fitted, plus new carb, SIP road exhaust.

How should I go about running it in? Distance and speed, please.




i don't have any experience with that exact kit, but i've always been told run in should be at least 500 miles and keep it under 45 mph. also, vary the the throttle often. heating and cooling of the engine has something to do with run in too... so if you can do alot of city trips, changing speed often and letting it cool inbetween - that's my suggestion.  after the first 500 miles make sure you change your gear box oil. personally i'll go a little harder (up to 55mph and longer trips.) for the next 500 miles, change my gear box oil again and then consider the run in done. there's my thoughts... hope that helps. good luck and have fun.


let me know how it goes. and let me know what kind of performance you get with that kit... i've been thinking about getting a vespa gt and building it up with that 2 port kit. also, what else did you do exhaust, carb, clutch and gearing wise.

thanks, heggie

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...have fun.


That's the master plan. Thanks for the advice.