Running in T5

Really nice to have you back Curare!!! That had to be really serious crash, - and even if you need long recovery and „restoration“, you’re back and can give us good advises and please your family and friends! Keep on!

I’ve just started running in my my rebuilt Vespa. It’s a -71 GTR with a T5. Have Malossi 170 with original Mallossihead for this kit (found one in Texas). Sito plus, Si24/24E and Cosa-clutch. I’ve put in a 125 mainjet, - and it seems OK so far. I’m waiting for a Spaco 26/26G which I will test. No work on casings, - just bolt on.
With the old engine (original) I had too long fueltube. Had problems (and seizing) when low fuel in tank. Have now as short as possible!

The clutch is a bit difficult. When I is standing and put in 1. gear with clutch in, the scootter will start „pushing“. Have adjusted it as far as possible. Also some difficulties changing from 4th and 3th and from 3th to 2th. Anyone experience with this? Can it be to much clearance between clutch and clutchcover (clutcharm)?

tanks a lot Pondus for your support,

as JuanK already adviced you i think 125main is a little bit on the rich side. With this temperature 118 - 120 should be more appropriate. But check your spark with the plug chop method and then progressively go leaner.

I am personally not a fan of the 26 but I know few people in this forum like them so give it a try.

For your clutch, if you installed the spacer that goes before the clutch assembly, (but if the spacer its missing the clutch lever is really soft ) then should renew the discs.
You should solve this problem easily…if no woo-doo happens.

Space washer was there. Changed to old originla clutch, everything OK now. I think I damaged the new Cosa clutch since I did NOT put in oil before installation… Learning by failing. Have to by new plates and try again.

Yep,the site has been down for a few week’s now.Apparentley they’re having staffing problem’s at the moment but I’ll try to find Ian’s e-mail address for you.

You might gain a little from the 26mm but it won’t be much.I also think you’d be better trying a 120 main in your carb too.

As for the clutch issue,if you’ve adjusted it fully it’s possible the 'plate’s are worn.Did you rebuild the clutch at all or simpley throw the kit onto your engine with out any other work on it?

yes you have to put the clutch washer art:113519 or an oil pump drive gear just to give the right space.
If you don’t put on one of the two you will experience the problem you have: the clutch doesn’t have enough pressure to fully engage.

For the exhaust, just try to save some money to get a Taff, a Simonini is better then the one you have but is not that step forward that you would like.

Thanks JuanK! Spend some time with the Sito,- and go for a Taffy after some time. Taffi’s homepage is down, but suppose it will come up again.

Have found the space washer and cosa nut, so hopefully I will get a ok clutch tomorrow.

Running in with 125 to be sure it get enough lubrication during rinning in. Using mix something between 3 and 3,5%. Havent used the plug chop method yet, but so far the plug looks OK (chocolate brown and not wet). Got the 26/26G today, - will probebly wait untill I have done some more km’s (run in).

But I think it’s something wrong about the clutch. Bought a new Cosa FLII 21 cogs (9303000 by SIP), and just boltet it on, - straight in. I should probebly used a clutch washer (113519 by SIP) backside of the clutch ?? Anyone knows? In fact I think I have a such washer in my box of parts…

I think Sito+ is giving more vibrations, - feels like that. Maybe changing to Simmonini after a while… These top end expantions are so expencive!

Thanks Curare. I have to find the space washer and put it in. Have just come in from a ride. Have been running in for almost 300km now. Feels good. Strong in 4th, - no problem cruising in 50km/h. Pulled it shortly up to 95km/h, - no problem. No pinking, but some noisy (Sito-sound…) and some vibration. Think I stay for Sito for a while, - dont need to run it to pieces. Dont need to overrev (dont have the reinforced clutch eiteher). But when changing I’ll might think about going for Taff (if I win in Lotto …).

E-mail me Pondus and I’ll give you Ian’s address as I don’t want it lying about on a public forum.

The Taffy’s are pricey but definatley worth it.They’re the best built pipe’s I’ve ever seen(although heavy)and will take a huge kicking.

It also give’s a very nice spread of power.I would seriously suggest forgetting about the Simo and put the money into your piggy bank instead.[;)]