Runner 180 overheating

my temp gauge has started to go right over to the red after a couple of miles or so i have shorted out the fan so it is on all the time and it still does it then i removed the thermostat and it still does it has anybody got any ideas as it would greatly appreciated


Coolant level of course, but you may also need to check for bad water pump( if there is coolant in the variator housing), broken drive belts, clogged radiator etc.


related topic if i may share to you guys and suggestions would be be a big help…i noticed my temp gets hot faster when i installed malossi pipe and hard springs the green ones and a 9.5grams rollers…my question is, is this normal because of the new set up??? thanks for advice in advance

have you check the coolent level?

If the cooling system is all good,  inspect the cylinder head for leak ( broken O-ring) or loose cylinder head bolt.