Runner 180 new crank

i have just bought a gilera runner 180 fxr, i was told that the only problem with it was that the outer pulley on the variator was bust, ive since found out that the pulley is bust (well, its worn away) but this has worn away the teeth on the end of the crank (bugger!), any suggestions? i have resigned myself to the fact that i will need to get a new crank, so how much will that cost me? im not bothered about fitting anything other than a standard crank, so any advice is welcome.

thanks mate :slight_smile:

A web site I have found really helpfull is
they have a heap of dyno runs of before and after etc with different parts

depends what else you want to do with your engine.

if your looking at tuning bits then the malossi mhr crank & bearings are probably your best bet.

 if you can afford them!!

My choice would be bigger is better & go for a longer stroke crank to increase the cc's too!


hi im interested in longstroke crank for my runner 180…how much power gain do i get? my set up now are mhr cdi, pm head, malossi kit full ported, malossi variator, malossi pipe, 30mm oko flatslide card with sip manifoldthe metal ones. any help and suggestion much appreciated. thanks