Runner 125 vx 2006 mod II


Hi I'm back.

Now I have mounted a 210 ccm kit, new cam and 10,6 gr rolls.

Had a bit truble with jetting sices. 105 seems to work good. Had to adjust the airfilter box a little, more air to the engine. Now the scooter runs really good. Good acceleration and a lott of power.

I would advice all to do this modification.

P S Norway

I am now looking forward to ride the scooter every time. In original condition the scooter was a bit dull to drive. The brakes are good, the handling is good and I think it looks good to, but the engine was too "relaxed". A two stroke engine has more temper and feels more powerfull. This four stroke engine is more relaxed, it has an almost linear power output, which is dull to drive but wery efficient. With the new 210 ccm kit the engine has the same linear output but with more power. I have become a redlight chaser and It is no problem overtaking other wehicles.

The scooter has the original exhaust and airfilterbox. So there is no visible changes to the scooter. The sound has a little deeper tone than original but it is not louder.

I have ordered a new clutch, variomatic and secondary gears.  

After that I have plans for new exhaust and carburettor.

See ya

thx [:D]