RS 24 PK shock not fitting Grimeca Nt PK

In another post


I inquired about converting a 64 GL to fully hydraulic disc

I have been assembling (instructions with the kit would help A LOT!)


I ordered the fork and Grimeca NT kit listed for a PK


I also ordered a Malossi RS 24 shock listed as correct for a PK

After mounting the fork and disc I went to fit the shock.  The lower mounting holes on the shock do not match the Grimeca hub. A prima P200 shock lines up correctly but of course is way too long

Why will a shock listed for a PK not fit the hub listed for a PK?

Is there a solution or do I just have the wrong shock or hub for this application?


Photos available if needed.


RS 24 for PK with NT for PK

RS 24 for PK with NT for PK



Prima P200 Shock with NT for PK