RPM not wroking on Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP

I installed the SIP PERFORMANCE ignition and the SIP speedometer / tachometer on 125 GTR.
Everything works except RPM with this ignition.
can someone help me ?


Is it the DC or AC type ?


The rev counter will work on the AC type just set the function mode to 6 pulses, rather than the standard 3. Read the instruction booklet - I think it is Mode 3 in the set up stage.


I was unfortunate enough to have fitted the DC type - nothing at all in the instructions about how to wire up the lights or the indicators - neither of which worked and had to make the lighting system completely DC and change the indicator relay to a DC type - now have an issue with the horn - which also needs to be made DC.


Come on SIP - when you bring out something make sure the instructions are fit for purpose and you explain what is needed to make it work. The instructions on the DC system are rubbish.