Rpm goes down once the clutch is engaged?

hi to all, is this normal once you engage your clutch to 1st gear your scoot starts to move forward??? cheers!

No, it should not creep forward in first gear with the clutch fully depressed. Try adjusting the clutch unitl there is no more forward movement.

having this thing in bet cog and clutch will make clutch cog move away from the primary gear rigth…isnt that a bad idea?

what do you mean? internal parts where all replaced to new ones alright. do you have px200 or px 150? and what have you done with so far with regards to tuning? would you know how fast a set up px could clock using standard autolube system???

washer you advice didnt work mate, i still have the same problem and even became worst so i have to took it out again. cheers!

tried so many adjustments already but it didnt help or solve the problem. are you using 7springs or 8 springs?

Yes, in between the 2t gear cog and clutch... a small part that works wonders....

well no harm in trying so i ordered 2 pcs of them and excited to install it as soon as my package arrive…calling mr. hanno :), btw thanks so much mate for the tip, so any news about the drag race thats cooking up there…exciting ha? so whats your set up for the quatermile?

No prob, glad to help. Just install 1 washer and it’ll do fine. Well, as I’ve heard, the organizers are finalizing the location and dates. I hope this pushes through. I’m sticking with my current set-up, Polini 208cc Kit, 24mm carb, JL exhaust. I want to try it first how quick will it do.

ok mate thanks for sorting out my problem much appreciated, cheers and goodluck to your coming drag event!

If it’s a Cosa clutch, make sure the turrets are at a depth of 21mm. Lots of the pattern clutchs seem to be supplied with a depth of about 19mm, which will cause the motor to „creep“ or lurcg at take off.

I'm using the 8-spring clutch. How old is your clutch? How many mile has it gone? If its a fairly new clutch, you have a clutch separation problem.

Not a bad idea at all. The clutch base plate and gear(on the clutch) must have a clearance of .5-.7mm in order to function / separate properly. I’ve tried measuring it with a caliper and found out that I only have .3mm of clearance, that’s the reason why I had clutch problems with my 200. After replacing the clutch with new plates and installing the „washer“, problem solved. No more creeping forward at idle in 1st gear, smooth shifts. With regards to the primary gear(input shaft), it will not bother it as only .5mm of difference is very minimal.

I had the same problem with mine I had 5 plate competition clutch + 25% uprated springs used a Dremel to grind the turrets to 22mm now works perfect hope this helps

hi could anyone explain where is the turret they are grinding to 20mm to 22mm in the clutch to avoid this problem?? 

Try looking this part up, Art. No. 69821000 (Clutch Distance Washer .5mm). This will solve the clutch separation problem. I installed this in my PX200 and no more problems. Smooth shifting always, upshift or downshift. I have both 200 & 150, both with Polini Kits, ported crankcase, SI24/24 carb, JL exhausts.

How fast in the Quarter mile? Dont have an idea yet, but there is an organizer here planning a Drag Race for Vespa Riders by end February. Hope this event pushes through.

where do this thing go? on top of the 2t gear?