Rookie vespa rebuilder

I am a rookie Vespa owner who is trying to rebuild a 1975 150 Super. I am missing numerous parts and am having some difficulty locating replacements. Does anyone know which models (Sprint, 125, etc.) and other years might be compatable with the 1975 150 Super? Any help at all would be great. Thanks.

I appreciate the help. I live in America and Vespas just arent as popular over here as they are in Europe. Again, thanks for the help and I will definately look into the Sprints as a substitute. I had read somewhere that the only real difference between the Sprints and the Supers are the wheel size and the front fender (mudguard). Also maybe the rims and brakes. Does anyone know if that is true? I hope it is, because I have seen alot more parts for Sprints.

hy Anthony… vbc1t is enough…*g…

I don´t know exactly the model…the history tells me it is between the t4 ( I know well) and the gl so parts should be no problems… you are driving 8" or 10" the carb is an si 20??? similar to the px80/125 cm?


i have just brought my first classic scooter too a 1962 152L2 . try classic car and scooter centre in benfleet essex (if theyre close? ) i find them very helpful ask for steve youll need to ring directory (192) to get the number [:smile:] oh and good luck with the vespa

Yeah, Im missing the cover of the airbox and the cylinder headand the part of the cylinder that the piston slides into. Does that make sense? Im not up on all of my terminology yet, but Im working on it. I recently ordered a Vespa Parts Manual for my scooter and a Haynes Manual also so as soon as they come in Ill have a much better idea of what all I need to get my new baby put together.

I know the wheels are 8", but Im not sure about the carb. The motor isnt all there. Im missing part of the cylinter and the top cover of the carb. I guess you get what you pay for, but I really wanted to dive right in and rebuild one. All I need is the rest of the scooter…[:)]


well out of the head I throw my thoghts at the sprint type ones… an good repair manual ( haynes, schneider , depending of your location) would be helpfull; most vespa modells are similar… so if you have a missing part, just tell us you vehicle frame number and the missing part…


The VIN# is VBC1T and either 233573 or 283573. The title lists it as a 1975 which would make it 283573, but to be honest, it looks more like 233573 to me. Dont know if that matters or not.


that haynes manual is a great help… the airbox cover should be no problem ( ask markus wessner)
so your Cylinder is missing and the cylinder head ( where the plug comes in)

that metal cover that lets flow the cooling air across the cylinder is at stock…? You have got it.?

your piston… does it have a „nose“ in direction to the cylinderhead…?

hey slaky: please… give me your vin…it would be helpfull…


aehmmmm please tell me if I understand you right… the cover of the airbox ( where the air-filter is located in ) is missing??

and: what part of the cylinder you are looking for.?