Riffled Floorboard Installtion

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for installing these (no instructions provided), I assume they are either bolted or rivted in place and that you have to drill the floorboards and floorpan (or use holes from the rails)

Are they meant to butt up to the seam of the centre tunnell or overlap it ? if they overlap then the centre stand bolts also go through the floor boards ?

Is it normal to trim them down if they dont match the outer profile of the floorpan.







Hi dude


the form of the floorboards should fit perfectly with your frame, i had the same problem in the past, it was because the floor board was old and lightly deformed.

Mounting holes are only on the middle part.

I recommend you tho drill by your self the other holes like the original ones.

Also with the holes for the mainstand.