Richie keep out

Do you think i am going to show you my bank statement it is not to do with you muppet so f*** of [:dance3:] [:dance3:] [:drink:]

Hey Richey Rich, if you are going to the Isle of Man rally and you really are rich I might let you buy me a drink as long as mikem dosn,t get jealous.[:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] Mines a pint of Mark Almond.

there is a h in has so what if you are rich

[:D] This is a bulletin board so i can put my nose into things people write, I may be a twat but a rich one at that, and also off as 2 f in it, so stop being a muppet and as Max got his money yet.[:D]

Maybe he’s not rich, just called Richard Richardson. How thoughtfull of his parents![:D] [:D] [:D]

[:rotate:] Scootraider i am called Richie Rich, and Chickenchoke if i see you i will buy you a pint but not a pint of Mark Almond and i will sill have money to buy part myself.