Revs sticking

Hi All

While I am driving and stop at a give way or traffic lights although I take my hand off the throttle the engine keeps on reving like made…is there something sticking?



Strange…I went out on the scoot today and all was OK…it must be when I don’t use the scoot for a while that it sticks but when I start to use it regular it frees it up.

Thanks All.


…but more often is something sticking [H]

Thanks Guys, I will check these out.




if you are sure is not the throttle cable, if you are sure is not the carb slide sticking,

probably when it happens if you instead of trying to decelerate you open few times the throttle it will go down rpm

then it is probably a problem with the carb idle circuit.
Start checking if the iddle jet is tight on its place.


as above sticky throttle tube on head set, cable, slide, or if you are using autolube check the spring and mechanisim isnt fouling on the carb body, or the slide rod(where the cable connects) also isnt fouling the carb body, and one last thing ,(has happened to me), the main crankshaft oil seal has gone?

… sometimes can happen also for wet weather, when umidity is high. Just give one two fast trottle open if is the case.