Rev limiter "Speed Regulator" HELP!

So, I need help with this product

I have gotten mine from germany, so everything is in german (instructions) and I'm having a hard time making any sense out of it. First things first, which wire goes where? As far as I know one goes to the green/yellow brake light wire, 1 to the brown wire in the ignition, 1 to the red/white cdi wire and one to the frame? The scooter is an aerox. Is there anything else about those I should know?

And I am confused, is the led supposed to be on or off when the code goes right? My german sucks so I have no idea. As far as I know it is not working. If anyone has the english instructions, they would help me a LOT. Thanks in advance!

Will this product work in a Yamaha Zuma (BWS)?

If so, which CDI wire do I connect it to? There are 4 wires coming from the magnito to the CDI (G/W,B/R,W/L,W/R).

In my location my scooter is not supposed to go over 30MPH (~50KPH) but my Zuma will currently exceed that now. I want to limit it so I don't get caught and have to pay extra to register as a motorcycle instead of a 50cc scooter.


Hello Viper

I tried to translated it as it is connected

From the Speedregulator cable Blue to Green/Yellow (Brake) - White to Brown (Key/Ignition cable) - Green to Red/White or White/Blue (CDI pick-Up times were changed) - Black to the scoot/frame


Sry my english is not very good ..


Gruß Lukas

Is there a cheap vertion of this? I have spent all my money on a yasuni pipe polini sport 17.5mm carb polini variator and clutch and then labour [:(], if anyone knows that would be great, thanks [:D]