Returning and Backorder problems

In Belgium it is difficult to buy some parts. And I really wanted Zelioni and therefore ended up at SIP.

I ordered 2 handles 125MM and after mounting I found them already small, now take a good look and they are 115MM? Called SIP but stopped after waiting for 30 minutes.

I ordered the correct one and sent an email afterwards which was answered correctly.


But return shipping is not easy, on my PC I do not see any labels and it is all very difficult to declare.

Now I had already ordered 1 Montana mirror and wanted to buy the other one too.

This was in Backorder, and after another look you also have 2 sizes in this and I thought, then I don't have the right one and exchange it because it is not in stock.

But now SIP says it has already been ordered "specially" for me?

So SIP ordered 1 extra mirror for me, and I cannot turn this back?

Sorry but I don't think that's possible, then this will be the last thing I ever bought there, I regret it. I have now spent almost 150, - on that nonsense.


I am very disappointed and they are very difficult to reach.

I hope to contact me nicely and just give me credit that I can buy something else.