Restoring Vespa 50N 1963/5

Dear Friends,

I am restoring a '63 (65?) Vespa 50N. I would like to ask Your help to correct the details. You can see some photos and short video on the Tube:

I hope You enjoy it At least the music :-).

Soo my questions:

  • What can be the correct date of manufacture of the bike 1963 or 65?
  • Was the tank/tank cap painted body color or black?
  • What is the correct tye of the floor rubbers? Plain rubber string or alloy base and rubber?
  • With the red color what was the „Vespa_50“ badge color?
  • What was the correct badge type on the front below the lamp?
  • Can You see non origal parts on the pics?

Thanks in advance for any help!