Restore ET-3 Racing

Hello, I have a Vespa 125 ET-3 and I  want to prepare the engine. I would like to be a Racing engine, because I like drive in race circuits. Could you help me, plesae? What I have to buy? How made it? If you can help me, please say me something. I don't understand to much about technical but I want a powerful ET-3. I'm sorry but my english is poor. Thank you very much and waiting your notices.

Thank you for your answer. I don't know how much horse power I want. I am an expert driver, but I want a "secure" engine but... if it is possible a fast and spectacular engine. I think I have enough money, but I don't want to throw money. Thank you for your help and waiting your notice. I'm sorry but my english is very poor.

hi ...


can you give me more informations to help you ?

how much horse power dou you want (round about)

how much money do  you can spend ??