Restauration of a Vespa SS180 Super Sport

Time for a new Vespa Restauration project! A couple of years ago I buyed a white Vespa SS180 in Sweden, unfortunately in rather bad condition. Lots of rust covered the paint and metal body work.


First try was to wash down all the rust and try to conserve the scooter in its original paint and condition. After quite a bit of time spent I had to commit that this trial had failed. The rust was too much and the condition of the Vespa too damaged. A proper restauration was the only chance to bring the Vespa back to its old glory and make it ready for the road again.


Last year I described the restauration of a Vespa GS160 (see link) in this forum and my plan is to do the same with the Super Sport now. Lots of readers found this step by step report useful and some people even got that much infected by reading that they started their own restauration project at home finally. Well, than it was well worth the effort!


Here are 2 shots of the patient, showing the condition at this moment:




In the next days I will show the first steps here.

By the way, as with the GS the plan is to put a stock P200 engine into this vintage baby to let it shine with 12V electric and make an every day use possible!


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it is coming closer. Some rubber parts are still missing, hope they will come from italy these days:









If its an everyday SS180  you want....

going ahead slowly. Some more pics to show the recent status of the project, all prepared and ready for the painter more or less - blue pavone!





What a great bike, congratulations!!



Nice paint, but not the best seat for the SS[:$] I think a black GS seat will be better, or an original one.... more slim than this repro.

Good job and nice Mercedes on the back[;)]

Fix Project ! amazing [Y]

finally, it is nearly done:




Nice one.[Y]

My newly restored 67' SS 180 and "everyday use" 67' Sprint 150, with original engine for "everyday use":


Hey Ralf, Any chance of a pic of the finished SS180?

sure, here you go, the finished Super Sport! In 2010 I rode around 3.500 km with this Vespa...






Hi ,


Beautiful SS !, what are the dimensions  of the Zippy tire please ?[H] and do you have a modern serial for the "Blu pavone" paint ? (except maxmeyer i already have )





no restauration without surprise! A mouse family built their home in my SS180... In any case, they will have to move and now the Vespa is totally apart and in pieces:






That is a wonderful project.  How do the floorboards look?  What are your plans for the restoration?

and there is some progress again :-)






Nice restauration but a big big minus for P200 engine. The "every day use" is more than "possible" with the original one. There's plenty of us to proove it.