Restauration of a Vespa GS160

Right now I started restoring a Vespa GS160 1st series (with the flap above the tail light). I thought it might be interesting for some of you guys to follow the restoration and so I will take some pictures from time to time.
In general, I restored that scooter already 7 years ago, but for some reason back then I decided to paint the Vespa in bright blue which I am totally unhappy with today. I rode a GS of a friend in Copenhagen last summer and knew from that day how my GS HAS to look like: original white!
The only change should be the engine, a reliable and touring-safe P200 engine fitted with a MALOSSI Kit and the SIP-T5 exhausts. This combination provides 120km/h (85mp/h), with no problems even on long distances on the motorway. Some of you may screem now, but well, I am not listening…

Here some pictures from before the start:

woahh,the original gs mark one soo nice,exelent work bro…

Nice job,

It must be so cool to pay the parts half the prize we pay!![:D]

update from my restauration progress, only few time left until the GS will hit the road again :slight_smile:

update from 6th of may 2008:

Did you fit a px engine instead of original one?looks like it,the finished article looks absolutely amazing wish mine was finished.

Where did you get THAT FABULOUS WORK STAND??? please  OH! the GS is also fabulous, real good work; I am working on a VNB6T but I am not that far yet

excellent scooter! what is the set up of the px engine?



so, there are news from my GS. This weekend the floor rail kits got fixed. A tricky part  of the restoration as you easily scratch the new paint. Adhesive tape from a painter is helping a lot here:

Excellent keep 'em coming.this is handier than any manual,actually seeing it done in clear precise pictures.

today I put a BITUBO in my GS (the one for Vespa ET3), which improves stability and braking incredibly.
We will offer a conversion kit for everyone soon!


these days the parts came back from the printer, one of the highlight moments during a restoration… My big grin doesn´t get off my face any more since then:

I look forward to more pictures of your resto.,as I have recently purchased one from Italy in good condition in original paintwork and white in colour as they all came in white for this model.Any tech tips along the way will be much appreciated.

Nice scoot mate!
Any chance you could draw a small sketch of the wiring you’ve used to combine PX and GS? 

really nice ride !!!

shellronster, thanks for the feedback! Now the engine is in the chassis and some other small bits have been done. Here is the update:

here are some more pics of the finished Vespa, in action in Italy: