does anybody know th going rate for a plain colour respray for a px, i’ve just been quoted £400 for a respray!!!

If you are in the south of the uk then it may be worth your while phoning R.D.Cox in reading 0118-9874554, or 9750289 they are very good and only do bikes and scooters. Our clubs leader works there and the owner drives a et4.

thanks for that I think I’ll save my pennys and put up with the scratches for now. doesn’t help when you rush, don’t put it on the stand properly and watch it fall as you pull your lid off!!! and break a lever!

Depends on what sort of job they’re doing, is it a full strip, rubdown,fill and 2 pack job or a quick b***over with a tin of Ford Transit White??? If they’re preping the bike and painting the WHOLE frame then it sounds realistic but make sure your’e getting your moneys worth.