reserve switch

px200e, with malossi 210kit. it drives greats now on reserve, but as soon as you put the selector on normal(upright) it splutters and cuts out. any ideas.

thanks[:drink:] [:drink:]

If your machine is equipped with a fuel guage the tap only has two positions A = Open C = Closed. Only the early PX’s without a fuel guage have a reseve position.

cheers, yet again. i’m going out on it later and i’ll keep the lever left from now on. anymore problems, i’ll know where to come. cheers.[:roll:]

Why are you altering the fuel switch? I’ve never touched mine apart from turning the fuel off to work on the carb etc. The tank should drain down to empty without the need to change anything. The petrol light should come on with approx 2lts of fuel remaining after that i think you are supposedly on reserve fuel. Thats my belief anyway. :shoot1:[:dance3:]

Well all that makes sense to me, except on my PX200 which has the new MY speedo face (but sadly it still has the old indicators, seat and rear light) the light for the „reserve“ has never come on even when I once ignored the fuel gauge and let it run out of petrol, I guess I stupidly thought that it would but it never did.

Is this because the shop I bought the scoot off was too slack to check this or was it that Piaggio „forgot“.

Anybody know what I need to do to get it to work at all ?

pls let me know if you do.


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Like stubsy says, pointing to engine is on, pointing to spare wheel is off, centre is neither one or the other its probably only half open so forget it and leave the tap facing the engine, can’t help with the gauge/light problem.

Only the older bikes have On AND reserve…as has been said there are only two postions all the way to the left (as you sit on it) is off, all the way to the right is On…so straight up on a new bike will probably be half on [:D]

i was today changin my rear shock rubber mount on my PX 125 WITH FUEL GUAGE…tank had too come out so i thought i would put my mind too rest, as of the conflicting RESERVE.pulled of hose, put to the up ward pos, nothin, blew through it, nothin, put on to the forementioned „RESERVE“ on position, hey presto .[:smile:] :

ok I’m going to throw a spanner in the works now. I checked the Haynes manuel and it states…via a 3 position tap. The „off“ „on“ the „Reserve“ (where applicable) positions of the tap are controlledfrom a remote tap lever which projects from the body below the seat.

So have I got 3 positions on my tap and a fuel gague with petrol warning light. px200 efl non electric start 1993 l plate. I still keep the lever pointing to the right as you look down and it’s fine.

Any help much appriciated.

as scoot says your bike doesnt have reserve position if it has a fuel guage? fuel on pointing to engine fuel off pointing to spare wheel

Same here, the light has never come on. I just have to keep an eye on the fuel gauge.

thanks for all that. i don’t know if we are cross purposes, but surely there are 3 positions on the petrol lever under the seat near the choke. left is off, upright is drive(normal) and right is on reserve, what i’m saying is that when the lever is on reserve, it rides ok and if its upright it cuts out. does that make any sense?