Repairsheed legshield & floor [SMALL]


I need to change the [i]legshield and floor[/i] that's why I will buy this item : [url=][/url]

(product number is PV153480).


Sometimes, there is a hole in front of the legshield :


It may depends on the factory where the legshield has been built.

Is it the case for the product PV153480 ? Is there a hole in front of the legshield SIP is selling?

Cheers :D

Perfect. Cheers.



Hello Nicolas,


Our new current repair legshields are closed where the horncover attaches so there is no hole.


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Hi, I am having my 1959 VGLA restored at a bodyshop. the floor has many holes from different floor strips, which will have to be filled/welded and the legshield will need some dents filled.

If I buy SIP's new legshield/floor, is it an easy job for a bodyshop to cut the old one out and fit the new one? Which option ( repair or replace) will take least time?

There is no rust as far as I can see and the whole frame will be soda blasted before the work.

Thank you.