Removing Switch Housing from Handlebar Housing 1963 125

I am restoring the 1963 Vespa 125 that I bought in 1965.  It has a broken front brake lever mount which is integrated with the switch housing.  I want to replace this but do not know how to remove the switch housing from the handlebar housing.

I have completely disassembled the scooter except for this item and need to do this before I can start the painting.  Also, should the new switch housing be installed before or after painting the handlebar painting?

Thank you


you must remove the Clip from the Switch inside the lamp. After that you can extract the Switch.


I am trying to remove the broken switch housing which has the front brake lever mount cast in it.  It looks like this piece may be press fit on to a tube that sticks out of the handlebar housing.

I do not see any clip holding it on.  I am thinking that it may have to be heated and pulled off or perhaps cut off.  I would like to know what method has worked in the past as I do not want to damage my handlebar housing.  I will also need to know how to install a new paet.

Thanks for your help.