Removing exhaust bolt px200e


I have tried to unscrew the bolt of the exhaust that runs through the engine mount. I can't get it out!

How can I loosen it without having to remove my engine completely? heat it? oil it? drill it out?


Tips are welcome


Grtz, Treffort

As chuck says WD40, let it soak in, then try to heat the area AROUND the bolt but not so hot that the oil evaporates. Try a pair of vice grips if the nut is rounded. If that doesn't do it grind it flat with a disc grinder, drill it out and tap new. When you install nuts/bolts on HOT things cover them first with Graphite or Copper paste before you screw them on. This will prevent the threads from seizing/rusting and next time you can undo them without the hassle described above.

You could cover the nut end and bolt shaft with WD40 and leave it for a little while and see if that helps.  The main problem is that there isn't much room to work around the nut end so heat may be tricky if you want to keep the paint in tact!

If that doesn't work you may have to drop the engine out and tackle it that way!

Best thing is to make sure you cove rthe nut, bolt and hole with copper slip when you assemble!