Reinforced Clutch question

Hi Dylan.

The 4 plates clutch mean two things. A greater friction surface (3 plates instead of 4) and an increase pressure on the plates (compressed springs are equivalent to stronger springs that are generaly longer) this is the reason why this clutch is harder to pull than standard
Ive got one of these clutch in my T5 engine and may be i could solve your problem. First you have to check that the springs seats properly in their cups (if they dont, that could explain the short travel of your lever). Second ive encountered the same dragging problem as you noticed. This problem is that theres not enough oil between the plates (with a new clutch you have to ride a long distance before oil get into the clutch). I removed the clutch and let the friction plate during one night into SAE30 oil. Then rebuilt it into the engine and guess what no more dragging.

Hope it helps…

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